Find out the secret ad recipe.

One of our noteworthy collaborations is KFC Kosovo, an official representative of the KFC global branch. When we started our work together, we noticed that there was a lot of traffic on the KFC website, but very little conversions. Before our collaboration, KFC Kosovo had a 9.2% Conversion Rate with 2.5K monthly transactions.

After our collaboration (which began in October 2020), this has increased to 10K monthly transactions with a conversion rate of 18.41%.

Increase in Conversion Rate: Slightly over 100% (100.10869565217394%) Increase in Monthly Transactions: +300%. 

We achieved this growth by constant testing and data analysis. We tested visuals, copies, delivery style and targeting, which directly impacted growth in Conversion Rate. Because we were running conversion ads, visuals were one of the aspects we tested vigorously. 


Conversion Rate


Monthly Transactions


Conversion Rate Increase